MACHETE (For those who love blood and boobs)

I have never been a fan of any movie Quentin Tarantino has been associated with due to their obscene violence and their useless sexual content. However, against my will I went to see Machete last night. The movie started off with tons of blood and a naked chick pulling a cell phone from her vagina. In my head I'm thinking "Here we go with this nonsense...", but as the movie progressed I actually found myself enjoying it.

Machete's cast has nothing but familiar faces:

  • Danny Trejo as Machete ( I never knew his name until now but I've known his face for quite some time)
  • Jessica Alba 
  • Michelle Rodriguez 
  • Daryl Sabara (He was cute in the first Spy Kids movie, not so much in the second one. I almost didn't recognize him in this film. He is a full grown man now) 
  • Lindsay Lohan (A friend and I spent five minutes during the movie debating whether she was actually nude or was it a body double...) 
  • Robert De Niro 
This movie was directed by Robert Rodriguez as a spinoff of Grindhouse and is in theaters now. 

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