MACHETE (For those who love blood and boobs)

I have never been a fan of any movie Quentin Tarantino has been associated with due to their obscene violence and their useless sexual content. However, against my will I went to see Machete last night. The movie started off with tons of blood and a naked chick pulling a cell phone from her vagina. In my head I'm thinking "Here we go with this nonsense...", but as the movie progressed I actually found myself enjoying it.

Machete's cast has nothing but familiar faces:

  • Danny Trejo as Machete ( I never knew his name until now but I've known his face for quite some time)
  • Jessica Alba 
  • Michelle Rodriguez 
  • Daryl Sabara (He was cute in the first Spy Kids movie, not so much in the second one. I almost didn't recognize him in this film. He is a full grown man now) 
  • Lindsay Lohan (A friend and I spent five minutes during the movie debating whether she was actually nude or was it a body double...) 
  • Robert De Niro 
This movie was directed by Robert Rodriguez as a spinoff of Grindhouse and is in theaters now. 

Final Lost Left Me LOST!

I hadn't watched LOST for two years until last night when the final episode aired. It was supposed to be the one episode that gave you all the answers to everything you been wondering about the island and the people who were on it. Since I hadn't watched the show in so long I expected that I would be somewhat lost but I felt I should know enough to understand what was happening. Man, was I wrong. 

The show started at 9 pm and lasted FOREVER! The first hour was cool because it was business as usual. They were fighting each other and trying to get off the island which is nothing new. Then they were flashing back and forth from some kind of alternate reality. So 10:50 pm rolled around and I was thinking to myself "the show is about to be over and I'm still confused. These next 10 minutes better be the best 10 minutes in television history."    To my surprise the show didn't end at 11 o'clock. 

Now this is my interpretation of what happened next. Everyone who was on the island were people who died during the plane crash but had not yet passed on. I believe Jack's dad was explaining to him how all of the islands inhabitants needed each other in some way or another in order to pass on and leave the island. However I was still left confused on whether they actually died during the crash or if they all died on an actual island following the crash. If any of you die hard Lost fans could help me to understand it would be greatly appreciated. 

Signed - Still LOST. 

Iron Man 2

I just watched the first Iron Man again and now I can't wait for the second one to come out. Lucky for me I only have to wait 4 more days. Iron Man 2 is going to be EPIC! 

*SN: They replaced Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle? WTF! Someone tell me why!*

Brothers vs. The Hurt Locker

The movie Brothers shows how hard it is for soldiers to return to a normal life after serving in the middle east. The Hurt Locker shares the same theme however one of these movies came out miles ahead of the other in my opinion.
I know that critics rave about The Hurt Locker but I just can't see what makes it so great. In the first half hour it seemed like it was gonna be a good movie but then I noticed a pattern. One day, the soldiers went out to diffuse a bomb, and then the next day they went out to diffuse another bomb. And guess what happened after that, they diffused yet a another bomb. I couldn't even sit still during this movie cuz it was so boring to me. It didn't tell a story at all. I felt like the movie had no progress and it was hard to bond with the characters. I understood the destination but I didn't understand the journey. 
Now Brothers had a similar destination but a much more interesting journey. The characters were much more relate-able and the movie had a story that you could actually follow. I would recommend watching this movie. I watched it twice in one day. 
I'm including the trailer for both movies below. Let me know which movie you thought was better.

Guilty Pleasure Sunday

On Sunday nights I hate to love these three new shows on VH1:

  • Brandy & Ray J: A Family Affair
    • I can't believe how much VH1 loves to keep Ray J on the air season after season with two seasons of For The Love and Ray J and now this new show with his parents and sister Brandy. It follows Brandy and Ray J as they learn the ends and outs of the music industry as a business from their manager/mother Sonja Norwood. Sonja is the realest part of this "reality" show. For some reason I just love watching grown people getting yelled at by their mother. Pure entertainment for me. 
  • Basketball Wives 
    • Now this show sounds like it should be about the wives of NBA Basketball players. It turns out to be about bitter ex-wives and soon to be ex-wives who try to poison the mind of the one wife who seems be happily married. Lets hope they don't succeed. 
  • What Chilli Wants 
    • What to say, what to say about this show? Oh Chilli (from singing group TLC) why can't you find a man? Maybe its because your standards are ridiculously high. He can't smoke, can't drink. can't eat pork, must have six-pack abs, and the list goes on forever. Usher's divorced now. Why don't you just go back to him? I'm going to keep watching until you end up with him. And i'm glad you decided Floyd Mayweather wasn't for you. Keep it moving. 

All these shows air back to back starting at 9pm EST on Sunday's on VH1.

Tweet Tweet:

lilgyrlblue RT @theuncensored1: RT @taut_7: brandy and ray-j's show is on.--their mother is an enabler - rayj is a clown

TruDiva29 abt to watch basketball wives, just got thru watch ray jand brandy...watching "reality" tv is like a bad azz habit that i cant break

MoKak RT @jemelehill: Also, watched some of What Chilli Wants let's just say there are some ppl where it makes perfect sense why they're single

My Tuesday Night Lineup

*Side Note*

So I've decided to change up the way I blog because my post seemed lifeless and dull. Therefore I will not write as if I am writing to nobody but I will write as if I am talking to a friend. Also, I will incorporate my new favorite thing: TWITTER! I've finally gotten the hang of tweeting so I will be adding what people are tweeting about the shows and movies I mention in each blog post. 
*End Note*

Tuesday night has become my new favorite night of television. At first all it had was American Idol but it was starting to bore me. Then two weeks ago Glee returned and saved the day and now tonight is the premiere of the final season of The Hills. I know I blogged about this before but I am still that excited. 

My LineUp: 
1. American Idol at 8pm on FOX
2. GLEE at 9pm on FOX
3. The Hills at 10pm on MTV

Tweet Tweet:

DomTheGreatt ♥Shania Twain♥ is on American Idol tonight! For the first time ever im gonna be watching Idol over 90210. Thank god for DVR.

TishOhSoFab RT @Bynd_Beauti: How the hell ppl watch thehills◂U have no idea what u missin! I ♥ The Hills!

Tay10rMade RT @StiNa_PG: Oh em g the hills come on 2night YES!!!! (Fist pumpin in class) lolz

Almost forgot, 90210 also comes on on Tuesday nights at 8pm on The CW. Thanks twitter. I always choose to watch American Idol instead because I watch 90210 online the next day. Here is a link to where I watch it so you can catch up and get hooked on it like I am : .


Avatar (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) [Blu-ray]

Make sure you pick up Avatar on DVD or Blu-ray this week. I would recommend getting this movie on blu-ray due to its stunning graphics and visual effects. It is truly a wonderful movie and perfect for Earth Day.